sábado, 18 de septiembre de 2010

Romano-British Aulue

The Aulue were a militia unit in the British Kingdoms. They should be able to provide their own equipment and follow the local lord to the battleflield. They are equipped with spear and shield, some may have got a helm if they were lucky, but body armor would be rare.
They were also known as Pedyt, from the Latin name Peditatus (Pedites) of which they are clearly inspired, subsisting as a kind of successor unit in Br

Some of them carry shields with emblems of British units according to Notitia Dignitatum (Legio Praesidensis and Secunda Britannica), other shields show versions of other units emblems and early christian symbols (Chi-Rhos)
You can also see a few Coptic tunics.

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