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Romano-British Teulu and bard

Another update, there are few Romano-British to show now ...

First we have Owain mab Urien, son of the king of Rheged, he is known as Sir Yvain thanks to medieval works. He is also son in law of King Lot of Gododdin (brother in law, therefore, of the other two Teulu I showed you above.) Despite the initial rivalry with Arthur he would eventually become part of this Teulu. He was popular by the group of elite cavalry that rode with him, called "The Crows."

Next to Owain is the famous bard Ta
liesin, who served in the court of his father. Taliesin is remembered as having the blessings of Ceredwen, although they come to him in an unconventional way. His works are filled with an overwhelming mysticism, and his writings are highly recommended.
Taliesin talked about Owain in several of his works and he wrote for him the elegy "Marwnad Owain."

Pan laddodd Owain Fflamddwyn Nid oedd fwy nogyd cysgaid
Cysgid Lloegr llydan nifer A lleufer yn eu llygaid
A rhai ni ffoynt haeach A oeddynt hyach na rhaid
Owain a'u cosbes yn ddrud Mal cnud yn dylud defaid

When Owain slew Fflamddwyn it was no more to him than to sleep
The wide host of Lloegr sleeps with the light in their eyes
And those that did not flee were braver than was needed
Owain punished them harshly like a pack of wolves chasing sheep

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