martes, 26 de abril de 2011

Dunc's Romano-British

Dunc -from Hove, Sussex, UK- have a painted a lovely Romano-British warband using Splintered Light Miniatures based on pennies.

You can see more of his interesting work at his blog.

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  1. Hi - I also have a Splintered Light Saxon warband on the painting table. I ended up with them after David @ SLM mentioned Brytenwalda on his blog. I downloaded the rules, saw your beautifully painted SLM Saxons and British, and went and ordered some.

    We've played quite a few battles now, and have made a few changes to the rules. I did drop you an email about a month ago.

    Best Regards


  2. Hi Dunc,
    Would love to see those saxons as soon as they are dressed for war :)