viernes, 6 de agosto de 2010

Gathering the warbands

My warbands from Splintered Light Miniatures arrived a few days ago. Around a week since I ordered them; that is a really good service considering they came from Georgia (US) to northern Spain.

I really liked them when I first saw them in their webpage, specially those characters packs which are really useful for Brytenwalda. But, believe me, they look even better when you can see them on your hands. This also goes for the horses, which don't look that good when on their web, but they are great... even better than others 15mm manufacturers (around Essex horses standard in my opinion). The models are very good done, and it's hard to find a mould line.
I have take this pic in order to take a look on compatibility and so. It is a SL armoured saxon spearman surrounded by miniatures from some of my DBA armies. It fits quite good with all of them, but the Xyston hoplites look a little bit bigger (they are more 18mm than 15mm, to be honest). I've forgotten to put some Alain Touller models in the picture, but they fit great too.

And here is a WiP of my Brytenwalda warbands. You can see a british teulu, Arthur (on Essex horse), a teulu on foot and a saxon thegn on the solo pics.
The infantry miniatures are based on 1 cent euro coin and cavalry goes on 5 cent euro coins. They are a perfect size for them and add a good weight at the base.

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