miércoles, 4 de agosto de 2010

Kingdom of Gwent: 520 AD

The whole Dark Ages romano-british town is finished. It's made of foam, string and cadboard.
Being in 15mm it was quite easy and fast to built up.

These buildings represent a town close to Colonia Nervia Glevensium (Gloucester), in the area which was the eastern frontier of the kingdom of Gwent during the VI century. Close to Lloegyr, a very dangerous place... and a good area to play saxon raids in Brytenwalda!

The buildings are simple houses with straw roofs where one or more families used to live in. This is the same basic structre that we can see today on the popular english and irish cottages.The materials are quite more exquisites than those that we could find deep into Cambria during that age, like the comunal timber houses of Brycheiniog and Morgannwg. You can see even an old tiled roof building maybe made by the romans more than a century ago. The smaller buildings were used to keep food; think on the local harvest or smocked meat and fish.

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